Introducing the 2016 Ford Mondeo

2016 Ford Mondeo

It wasn’t so long ago that the Ford Mondeo was the car of choice for business executives and the aspirational classes. In recent years, though, the classic Ford model has been overtaken somewhat by BMW and Audi alternatives. The big question is, will Ford give the Mondeo a boost with its latest version in 2016? Let’s take a closer look at the brand new Mondeo, and see what we can find.

2016 Ford Mondeo

Image by Eduardo Parise


There’s no doubt that Ford has been working hard on the design of the latest Mondeo. It’s significantly bigger than previous incarnations and more comfortable. It’s a good start to proceedings, supported by an overall classy look and desirable specifications. While this might not be enough to reposition the Mondeo as an alternative to the more expensive BMW and Audi cars is doubtful. But, it’s more than sufficient to take on the newer competition from Mazda, Skoda, and the VW Passat. The front of the car has a vague resemblance to the popular Ford Focus and features a stylish grille. The rear end has had a minor facelift, too, and the results are far more stylish and aerodynamic than previously seen on the Mondeo. All-in-all, it’s a nice-looking car without being too flashy. Perfect, perhaps, for the more mature audience.

Practical interior

As we mentioned above, the new Mondeo is bigger than its previous incarnations. There is a lot of room – whether in hatchback or estate. Drivers and passengers have a lot of leg room, and there is a lot of space for luggage in the boot, making it a great option for a family car. In fact, five adults could comfortably sit in the Mondeo with no problem at all. And, there is plenty of space in the car for extra storage if you can’t fit everything in the boot. A floating central console can hold a surprising amount of bits and bobs, and there are the usual cup holders, too. Check out dealer websites for a closer look – companies like TC Harrison have 360° views of the Mondeo’s interior that are worth a look. The interior is upmarket – of that there is no doubt. But it also offers longevity thanks to high-quality plastic seating that should bear the brunt of all young children will throw at it.


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So, the interior is practical, but what else can you expect? There’s a lot of options and in-car entertainment to choose from. You can expect a climate control panel, and an eight-inch touchscreen for radio and GPS as standard, with the radio coming as DAB. You can upgrade the audio system to include 12 different speakers, too. There’s voice controlled music, hands-free phone calls, and two USB ports for connecting your device of choice.

Variants and engine choice

The new Mondeo comes with a range of options. You have petrol, diesel, and 2.0-litre hybrid options to start you off. It’s Ford UK’s first attempt at a hybrid, bringing it up to speed with many of its rivals. You can also choose from Six-speed manual or six-speed Powershift semi-automatic transmissions. It’s an interesting move from Ford, as the Mondeo used to be seen as a great car for the driving enthusiast. Now, though, the latest model seems to be appealing more to the safety of its passengers over anything else. In fact, the car is now in receipt of a five-star rating from Euro NCAP. It is the proud bearer of Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection – the first Ford car to do so. It’s clear that Ford is putting a big focus on the safety of the new Mondeo.


As we mentioned above, there is an excellent range of engine choices for the new Mondeo. The 1.5-litre booster brings something a little different to the diesel market, and it’s successful overall. Even the 1.0-litre petrol engine is surprisingly good – especially for a car as big as a Mondeo. Sure, you will find there is some sluggishness, but overall, performance is OK, if unspectacular.

Warranty and servicing

Ford offers an average three-year or 60,000-mile warranty, which isn’t great but hardly a down point. You can extend it – for a price, of course. Servicing for the Mondeo is standard, too, with recommended checks every 12,500 miles. That said, you do need to service the vehicle once a year to keep within the warranty rules.

We hope you have enjoyed this quick look at the latest Ford Mondeo. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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