Does Your Business Need a Van?

The white van is a long-standing staple of British motorways across the country. In fact, there are now more vans on the road than ever before. Figures show that with the number of registered light good vehicles in the UK has increased by over 700,000 since 2003 to 3.3m in 2013. With popularity on the rise, you may be wondering if your business could benefit from owning a van.

What Are the Advantages?

A van is not only a form of transport for many businesses. In fact, with space at a premium in large cities like London, a van also doubles up as a much needed storage option when things get too cramped in the warehouse.

The flat side design of the van also provides an ideal advertising surface to get your company’s brand in the public consciousness. Vehicular advertising has many advantages over traditional marketing: not only is it more cost-effective compared to the transitory nature of paper advertising, it’s also mobile so you know that people from all around your community, or even the country, are seeing your brand name rather than just your local area. Studies from the American Trucking Association (ATA) found that 91% of people surveyed notice vehicle graphics.

Does Your Business Need a Van

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How You Can Get the Best Deal

You have two real options when financing a van: either buying it outright or leasing it from a lender like Select Contracts. When you own the vehicle you’ll have more options in regards to mileage, customisation, and the ability to sell if you need the cash quickly. However, you also have to take into account like level of depreciation the vehicle will suffer over the years as well as the cost of upkeep and maintenance fees.

When you lease a vehicle your breakdown cover and/or any maintenance fees will also be included in the price so you won’t have to worry about any unforeseen accidents causing major downtime for your business. Providing that you can successfully remove any decals you decide to use before the end of your contract, you’ll be able to use the vehicle for advertising your business. Depending on how you use the vehicle, you’ll can also expect to qualify for a level of reclaimable VAT.

How much use your business can draw from a van is unique to your industry, but you may be surprised at the different use cases it offers. Take a look at all of the options available to you and see what works best.

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