The Rise of Economical Car Engines (Infographic)

Around the world, people are getting more and more concerned about environmental issues. We want to cause the least damage to the Earth as possible, and on the roads, this is no different. More manufacturers are offering cars with low emissions, or fully electric engines. Tesla is the pioneer of this, with founder Elon Musk focusing on electric cars that are self-driving- a true image of the future. However, electric cars can actually be traced all the way back to 1832, when a Scottish inventor made the first electric carriage, using non-rechargeable battery cells.

By 1891, the first electric automobile was built in Iowa, with some models being exhibited in the years to come in Chicago.

In 1908, Henry Ford introduced an automobile powered by gasoline to the world, and this completely took over the car market. It wasn’t until 1966 that electric cars were really thought of once again, when Congress introduced a bill to recommend electric vehicles to reduce pollution – this was timely as public concern was growing over the price of oil, so electric cars suddenly became very interesting to people who hadn’t previously considered them.

Toyota took the charge on electric vehicles, introducing the first mass market hybrid car in 1997- the Toyota Prius. It sold 18,000 units during the first year, proving that the public were ready to make a change. Up until 2000, the likes of Honda joined in with producing electric cars, with many available purely on a leasing contract. However, in 2000, electric cars once again fell out of style and the majority were forgotten about.

Today, most modern cars have low emissions of fewer than 90mpg. Hybrid cars are still popular with even the likes of BMW and Mercedes offering luxury hybrid cars as an alternative to the more affordable Prius and Hyundai Ioniq.

The rise and fall of economical electric car engines just shows that the public are susceptible to making a change, looking after their planet and saving money.

The Rise of Economical Car Engines

Infographic supplied by All Car Leasing.

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