Heres Why You Should Never Drive While Tired!

Those of you that have driven at night will know that it can be hard to keep your eyes open. It’s easy for drowsiness to set it, but a lot of people ignore this and carry on driving. Bearing that in mind, here are some reasons you shouldn’t drive while tired:

You Might Fall Asleep

When you get tired, your eyes start to close. I’m sure you’ve all felt that feeling before when your eyelids just won’t stay open. They keep dropping shut and your vision succumbs to darkness for a split second. The problem is, so many things can happen in that split second. A traffic light can turn red, and you can end up crashing into a car. The car in front of you can brake, and you’ll drive straight into the back of it. Driving requires you to be alert at all times, you can’t afford to have these split seconds when your eyes are closed, and you’re dozing off. If you keep driving like this, eventually, you will fall asleep. This will lead to accidents that can end up getting you in serious trouble, or worse, taking a life.

Never Drive

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Your Reaction Times Slow Down

A key thing that tiredness does to our body is slow down reaction times. When you’re awake and alert, you should have pretty fast reaction times. If a car pulls out into your lane, you can react quick enough to slam on the brakes. However, when you’re tired, your brain starts slowing down, and everything is a lot harder to do. You’ll find it impossible to react quickly when things happen on the roads. If you can’t react, then you become a walking hazard. I spoke to a car accident attorney, and they said that lots of accidents are caused by tiredness. More to the point, a lot of ‘tired driving’ incidents would’ve been prevented had the driver been able to react normally. So, if you want to avoid accidents, and drive safely, you need your reactions to be on point. As such, you shouldn’t drive while tired.

Tiredness Makes You Angry

Have you ever tried speaking to someone when they’re tired and fatigued? If you have, then you’ll notice that they become very grouchy and irritable. When someone is tired, they want to be asleep; that’s obvious. But, if you’re in a car, then you can’t go to sleep. Not being able to do what you want can make you very angry and annoyed. The slightest thing can make you blow a fuse and erupt in a fit of rage. What happens next? You end up driving while tired and angry. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that this is not a good combination. Driving while full of negative emotions is not good as it can distract you from the roads. You get too caught up in your rage that you end up crashing your car.

Tiredness can cause all of these things to happen, and the result will be the same. You end up at risk of crashing your car and being a danger to other people. Be sensible, don’t drive while tired.

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