Top Things To Consider When Buying A Used Car

You can spend hour upon hour searching for a car. Whether it’s your first car, a car for your child or you just fancy a change. For lots of people, they choose to buy used. Buying a used car has many benefits and can save you lots of money. But there are things you need to be wary of and look out for when buying used.

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Car Condition

First and foremost you want to be certain of the car’s condition. Never commit to a deal until you’ve seen the car in the flesh. Check the car for any dents or cracks in the exterior. Have a look on the inside too to see if everything is in good condition. You should also take a peek under the car to check if everything’s ok, and there’s no severe rust. Ask the seller if you can take it for a test drive to see if everything works fine. Even on a short journey you can figure out if there are major problems with the cars steering/engine/brakes. It might be helpful to bring someone else along too, so they can have a look at the car as well. If you both think it seems okay, then you’re good to go.

The Seller

Buying a used car means that it could be sold by anyone. There are ways for individuals to sell their cars to people by themselves, rather than selling to a dealership. Then there are traditional used car dealerships that you can visit in the flesh. You also have online dealerships, like, who sell used cars too. It’s important you know and trust the seller before you buy from them. Individuals are a tricky one because they aren’t a legitimate business. What this means is you can easily get a bargain from them as they aren’t real professional salesmen. But you can just as easily get conned out of a lot of money. You know what you get with a used car dealership, they’re legit, but not as easy to haggle with.

The Price

Make sure you understand pricing before buying used. Don’t be fooled into paying top price for a car that’s second hand. Remember that a used Audi A4 will be cheaper than a brand new Audi A4. Do some research online and find out the correct price range of a car before buying it. It could help you when you go to an independent seller too. An individual might sell their car for a lot cheaper than it should go for because they don’t know about the correct price. If you spot a car online for a price way below its normal rate, you know you’re onto a bargain.


Check the location of a seller before you buy a used car for them. They may be offering a cheap deal on a car, but they’re up in Glasgow, and you live in Brighton. Consider if it’s worth making a long trip to buy a used car, and how you’ll get it back down.

Buying used doesn’t mean you’re getting a poor car. You can find plenty of bargains on good, second-hand cars if you know where to look.

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