Find Out Why The Toyota Yaris Is A Real Alternative To The Ford Fiesta

Toyota Yaris

When it comes to buying a small hatchback car, the Ford Fiesta is often the top of most vehicle shortlists. The popular supermini first got unveiled to the general public back in 1976. Now, 40 years later, the model is in its sixth generation and has gone from strength to strength.

Toyota Yaris

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It seems that other competing models in the sector are unlikely to topple the Fiesta’s crown. At least, not until the latest generation Toyota Yaris came to town! The Yaris is Toyota’s second-smallest hatchback on sale. It’s also one that has seen something of a massive transformation back in 2011.

You might not think it at first, but the Toyota Yaris offers a viable alternative to the Ford Fiesta. Here’s why:

Bulletproof reliability

Ford has a somewhat mixed history when it comes to vehicle reliability. The Fiesta is by no means the firm’s most expensive or luxurious vehicle to date. As a result, design flaws and parts from certain supplier have caused problems sometimes.

Toyota is a Japanese car manufacturer known for their high reliability. Many studies of the marque conclude that their vehicles suffer fewer issues than Fords. A car is an expensive acquisition, even if it’s a supermini.

Today’s car buyers demand the vehicles they get are reliable and use quality parts. It’s no wonder that fact alone is tempting Fiesta buyers over towards the Yaris!

Unparalleled safety features

Another selling point of the Toyota Yaris is the plethora of standard safety features. In fact, all models built by the Japanese brand have unparalleled safety features. You only have to look at any new Toyota from RRG to see for yourself!

Toyota Yaris Hybrid Comfort

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As standard, the Yaris comes with a whopping seven airbags. Owners can also enjoy features like ABS and emergency brake assist. One can also specify options like collision prevention and a lane departure warning system.

Nimble engine choices

Buyers of the latest generation Toyota Yaris can select from a range of agile power plants. For instance, the 1.0-litre VVTi engine is perfect for city driving. What’s more, it boasts an impressive 58 MPG! If you opt for the 1.3-litre Hybrid, you can enjoy diesel-like fuel economy at 80 MPG combined!

It’s possible to get most engines with either a 5-speed manual or CVT automatic gearbox.

Four simple trims to select from

One thing that confuses many potential Ford Fiesta owners is the selection of trims on offer. Toyota makes things simple for would-be Yaris buyers. They believe that simplicity will help to sway motorists towards their brand. The Yaris comes with only four trim choices, and the Hybrid is available on all of them.

The entry-level Active trim comes with a broad range of features seldom found on a base trim model. For example, you get power windows and a six-speaker audio system

Upgrade to the Icon and you get 15-inch alloys, power mirrors, and an infotainment system. The Sport comes with 16-inch wheels, air conditioning, and even a reversing camera.

Last, but not least, the Excel boasts LED exterior lights and DAB digital radio. You also get leather seats and cruise control as standard too!

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